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Dri-Sorb Underpads

Attends standard use underpads are rectangular absorbent pads designed to protect your bed, chairs, and other furniture, and come in a variety of sizes and levels of absorbency.

  • Smaller sizes are ideal for IV starts, minor surgical procedures, and chair covering
  • Perfect for standard, everyday use


  • 17" x 24"
  • 23" x 24"
  • 23" x 36"
  • 23" x 36"
  • 30" x 30"
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Extra Absorbent Breathable Briefs

  • Contains additional super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for EXTRA absorbency compared to our Breathable Briefs and Value Tier Breathable Briefs
  • Triple-tier moisture locking system delivers superior performance and leakage protection while promoting skin wellness and managing odor


  • Small (20"–32")
  • Medium (32"–44")
  • Regular (44"–56")
  • Large (44"–58")
  • X-Large (58" - 63")
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Protective Underwear

  • Contains additional super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for SUPER PLUS absorbency compared to our AP and APV underwear
  • Breathable, air-flow material to promote drier, healthier skin
  • Cloth-like material for discreet wear
  • Triple-tier moisture locking system (cellulose fibers, microporous acquisition layer, super absorbent polymer) for exponential improvements in absorbency and odor control while promoting skin health


  • Youth/Small
    (22"–34", 80–120 lbs)
  • Medium
    (34"–44", 120–175 Ibs)
  • Large
    (44"–58", 170–210 lbs)
  • X-Large
    (58"–68", 210–250 lbs)