About Us


HME was founded over thirty years ago by Tom and Judy Russell. From the outset, HME has been completely committed to providing our clients and partners excellent customer service, technical expertise and clinical innovation and education. Over those thirty years our family and business has grown and changed with the times, both benefiting from, and surviving the advent of the Assistive Devices Program, Long-Term Care Partnerships, charitable and government funding models and incredible advancements in both the treatment of the conditions that face our clients every day and the equipment that we work with to provide them with solutions. Throughout this time, HME has maintained our commitment to service excellence and to servicing our partners to the best of our abilities each and every time we have the privilege to do so.


Today, HME remains family owned and independently operated. As Canada’s largest independent vendor, HME believes strongly that only individuals who have been committed to and involved in this sector for years can provide high quality service to those who need our expertise and experience. Being a strong independent vendor means that our focus is squarely where it should be, externally on our clients, therapist partners and their needs and on our internal partners, our employees and their families.

HME remains an innovative vendor with access to and experience with in all manner of equipment and techniques ensuring to our clients are safe, comfortable, independent and absolutely pleased with their relationship with us. HME will always source, deliver, set-up and install our equipment with care and will always meet our commitments to you. Our focus on what matters in Home Health Care is what makes the HME difference every day.



Although we have a history that we are proud of, and a team today that we believe is the industry’s best, we realize that current realities in health care have provided challenges to our clients and partners as never before. Our commitment to cutting edge technology for quick, accurate communication, follow up and assessment will ensure that we remain the foremost choice for clients and therapists. We are committed to communicating with you every step of the way and providing you with innovative solutions. HME is a vendor with a respect for the past and a commitment to the future of health care.

If you would like to work with health care professionals who believe in what they promise and have remained strong, independent and committed to customer service and client satisfaction then please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance. HME looks forward to many more years of success and involvement by the Russell family and all of our employees and partners.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.


Mission Statement

At HME we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of lives through mobility, accessibility, security and comfort. We are knowledgeable, responsive partners in the health care community, committed to continuing service excellence and maximizing our clients independence.